About me

  • Child of educators. Grew up in Africa where my parents built schools on behalf of United Nations in Ethiopia and Zambia. Both parents retired from the NYC Board of Education. 
  • 1st generation immigrant. Graduated from the second most diverse high school in New York City and attended the City College of New York where I studied Architecture and Urban Design. I also have a graduate degree in Information Systems. 
  • Military veteran. Enlisted in the US Army directly after high school. I served as a Commissioned Officer in the US Army Transportation Corps for 10 years. I was honorably discharged after serving multiple tours including some along the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) in Korea. 
  • Public servant. In Iraq, my civil-military team established a provincial police force and provincial school system. My military decorations include a Combat Action Badge, a Meritorious Service Medal (3rd highest peacetime award), and a National Defense Service Medal. 
  • Family man. Married with three children in Montgomery County Public Schools (Elementary, Middle, and High). My wife is a pediatrician who works with at-risk children in juvenile detention centers across Maryland. 


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